Message (not in a bottle)

Hello, All The Police Fan!
I know some of you visiting here from the Fan Club message board.
Unfortunately, I'm not the member of the club, BUT I love The Police as well as you do since their 1st album was released.
I'm not sure that you could read my article which probably translated by through the automatic translation soft or something. Some part of it (or all of it!?), must be grammatically incorrect or strange words, composition, etc.... may be totally weird I'm afraid. I'm so sorry for inconvenience but I don't have enough time to rewrite it in English right now. I hope you could enjoy it with your kind support.
The gig was so great! as you know. It was so exciting just the same as I saw the band 27 years ago.
Thank you so much for visiting here. The Police is Forever!
With Love
From Mako, the writer of this blog